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     Welcome to the Bridges Strategic Growth working website. This "stealth", i.e. without SEO, website is where drafts are worked on. It is chock full of stories, case studies, theories baked, half-baked and waiting for the oven, and errors too -- from myriad misspellings and goofy syntax to the irritating blind allys of dead links. The accidental visitor may enjoy bemused perusal of a work in progress or even be led to some collateral brainstorming of his own. You may also want here to look at our contemplated Blue Star E-Books.  


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    Executive coaching to the CEO, the board (Vorstand) and to start-up entrepreneurs on strategy and its implementation is our firm's service.


Results Based Fees


  One Client per Industry  


form our USP, unusual selling propostion. Another "USP," unusual strategic performance, is based on our Q3-methodology.


    For an exploratory consultation, call, or complete our short:


Strategy Questionnaire





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