Gayan Web Design

Gayan Web Design provides data mining and high-end design services. It specializes in websites for private practices and independent professionals such as accountants, appraisers, architects, attorneys, consulting engineers and physicians. Although many professionals write well, relatively few also have expertise in the visual arts. Therefore Gayan clients submit only the writing and the data. Gayan provides the graphics, charts, all images, and the design, for all of which it holds the copyright, unless otherwise noted.

Gayan grants an exclusive long-life usage lease to the client, subject to a restriction on any substantive altering or movement of the images without prior written consent. A client may, however, reduce or increase the size of an image in place, or delete it. Image identification is provided to the client to make use of as he sees fit.

The providers of professional services are advised to have proper disclaimers and encouraged to obtain errors and obmissions insurance for the written content of their websites.