Three options are presented below:


(1) keyboard control


(2) browser configuration -- itself with four examples


(3) downloading print enlargement software.



    Highlight a section of text and hit the control key:

"CTRL," and "+". Begin by experimenting with a small

section of text to see what happens!




    Configure your browser:


A.  Firefox


     (1) Click within the screen.


     (2) Hold down the control key - "CTRL."


     (3) Scroll down with your mouse or on the touchpad.


B. Chrome


        (1) Use the control key and the equals sign,"CTRL" and "=", simultaneously.


        (2.1) Alternatively, run your pointer to the right hand corner.


        (2.2) Click on the page icon.


        (2.3) There you will see TEXT ZOOM, to which you should run your pointer.


        (2.4) Click on "larger." Each time you click, the text gets bigger.




C.  Safari


     (1) Click on the word Safari on the top toolbar all the

way at the left.


     (2) Click on settings -  a window appears with two

choices for print selection.


     (3)  - The top rectangle, labeled "standard," is to

choose a print size, if the website does not specify the

font size.


          - The rectangle underneath it, labeled "not

proportional," is to choose a print size if the website

specifies a "not proportional" print. 



D.  Internet Explorer - this one is considerably more



     (1) Find someone with hawk eyes to do the following

for you:


     (2) Go to and click on:



"FONT SIZE TOO SMALL FOR YOU" on the left hand side of

the home page.



     (3) That will bring your assistant to the section "How To

Ensure That Small Fonts Don´t Bug You!" 


     (4) Scroll down that section, and you reach an

explanation of how to configure Internet Explorer.



    The good news is that the explanation is step by step,

with screen shots to show you exactly what to do.


    The bad news is that you need hawk eyes to read it!


    Further good news: Sean D´Souza has not only made

the effort to make his business and marketing website,

psychotactics, "friendly to your eyes," but also has made

it chock full of perceptive, perspicuous and entertaining









    We have not used this software. Please try it out

on a sample document first.



    Why more websites don´t offer large font options

is a mystery. Perhaps website designers have to pass

the same vision tests commercial airline pilots do.