Photo gallery


Magdaléna Dušková

At a meeting in Slovakia, 2010.



Philipp Fröhling



On his way to a conference in Vienna, Austria to present a paper on "Political Conflict Resolution in Latin America" - 2008.











Preparing for a talk on career choices - 2010.










 James Hamilton




As a young "take no prisoners" line manager in Teheran, Iran.











As a project manger at a trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, 2003.























As a coach, taking a jogging break in South Carolina, U.S.  2009. (Skylar was a wonderfully good- natured, always friendly and tail wagging pit bull whose best friends were a little girl and a cat. Sadly, Skylar was killed crossing the highway in 2011.)













Janel Thomas

About to leave to attend a performance at the Newberry Opera House, SC -  Christmas 2009.