Your Strategic Mission and a Short Questionnaire

          *       Passionate about strategy?


Can you/the senior management team answer in 25 words or less the questions below? Can the line managers and staff? How about the executive secretaries? Factory foremen? Apprentices and temps?*

            I:    - Your strategic focus?

                   - Your core strength?

                   - The key business drivers?                                                                               ... for you      ... for your customers

            Too complex?  Let us reduce that to a single concept.


            II:   -  What constitutes your sustainable competitive advantage?

            Still too complicated?


            III:   -  What is the value proposition (for the product/service on which                that person works)?


* According to Robert Kaplan and David Norton, who popularized Balanced Scorecard, only 5% of employees really understand their company's strategy -- what drives its value proposition. And if the majority did not understand the old strategy, what are the chances that a shift in it -- let alone a brand new one -- will be executed well?

    Be that as it may, a surprising number of people at all levels can indeed give good answers to the above questions at companies such as: Monte dei Pasdi di Siena (founded 1472 in Italy, Europe´s oldest bank with 30,000 employees and a centuries old social commitment); Honda (founded 1948 in Japan by that legendary self-taught mechanical genius, 145,000 employees); W.L. Gore & Associates (founded 1958 in the U.S., 9,000 employees in 30 countries, renowned for self-directed work teams and small factories); Southwest Airlines (founded 1967 in the U.S., 35,000 employees, the low-cost airline which provides excellent customer value and carried more passengers in 2009 than any other in the world.)


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