Planning & Mapping (CAP 3)


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CAP II Conceptualizing (fn.) And Planing
Mapping the Strategy: the coach as co-cartographer (fn.))

You are now ready to consider where you want you to be, and to draw a map of how to get there.  That may be a simple decision (albeit (fn.) with complicated repercussions (fn.)), such as: capture the market for Widgits (fn) in the world's fastest growing metropolis (fn.), Shanghai, and from there expand throughout China. Or it may involve complex contingency (fn.) planning and market disruption analysis (fn.) with simulation models that quantify value migration (fn.) and specify industry profit pools.  (Footnote explains each of these concepts with a sentence or two apiece.)

The former may be a little precipitous (fn.), along the lines of the Japanese joke about U.S. marketing.  "Fire!" Aim!" "Oh, check to see if the gun is loaded".  The latter is a stimulating (fn.) exercise, with as many challenging possibilities as a game of chess or Japanese go. (fn.)   For precisely this reason, it can take on a life of its own as one seeks the master plan for victory in the marketplace.  Perfect is indeed the mortal (fn.) enemy of good.  Beware the siren (fn.) call of over-intellectualization (fn.) in strategy formation! 

(fn., go is played with black and white stones on a board with 361 intersections. The object is to gain possession of the larger part of the board and capture the opponent's stones.
 Siren (fn.  creatures in Greek mythology with the upper bodies of women but otherwise the form of birds that lured mariners to their destruction by singing)  Footnote, continued: