MacLabor GmbH

                                      Hans-Peter Kroll                              

                                      MacLabor GmbH
                                      Rotbuchenstraße 1
                                      81547 München

                                      Tel. 089-6909095
                                      Fax 089-6906939



    The firm happily repairs Apple products and recovers data where other firms have categorically stated the task was hopeless.



    Hans-Peter Kroll is more interested in technical challenges than in building his firm. Therefore he is continually faced with the dilemma more common among start-up entrepreneurs than established businesses, viz. rushing from one fire ("burning Apple") to another.


Bottom line

    He is an extraordinary Apple expert, the Munich master, with very fair pricing and a real desire to help.



    Some years ago my Apple laptop appeared to have died. The screen remained a stubborn, lifeless black. I took it to two leading Apple firms in Munich. The technicians in the repair departments declared the Apple dead. Resurrection was not possible. In one case, there was a bill for this helpful diagnosis.

    At the other firm a full-blown computer engineer confirmed the diagnosis. However he did not charge for it. In fact, he made some friendly suggestions about acquiring a compatible replacement over E-Bay.

    On hearing of these computer woes, a business acquaintance suggested MacLabor. Arriving there, the plan was to see about transferring the data on the hard drive of the dead computer to a replacement. Hans Peter Kroll frowned. What made me think the computer was dead anyway?

    Twenty minutes later the Apple is alive and well, its screen glowing happily! For this miraculous resurrection Hans Peter Kroll refused to accept any payment. That is not to imply that MacLabor is a charitable organization, by no means. But the concept of “First, provide value” is a distinguishing characteristic of the firm.


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