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    Marshall Goldsmith has a doctorate in Mathematics and began his career with a rocket start as a 29 year old Dean. He has coached 80 of the Fortune 500 CEOs and authored 22 or 23 books. He offers on his library website extensive coaching material, which one may download at no charge. He recently wrote the business best seller What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful. Internationally, he is primarily active in public speaking.



    Even though he coaches up to eight CEOs at a time, he is still booked up at least six months in advance. Therefore his eagerness to coach CEOs outside of the U.S. is presumably limited.


Bottom line

    He is the master of leadership coaching.




     Marshall Goldsmith's website (2010) opens with: 

            "Our online library is filled with free articles, columns, interviews, webcasts, podcasts, audios and even videos. Please read, listen to, watch, download, copy and send this material to anyone in your company you think might benefit."     The material is deservedly popular. The website indicates that since July 2005 to March 2011, the site had delivered 6,191,000 downloads to people from 195 countries. A compelling paragraph further along in the website states (bolding added):

            "Marshall Goldsmith is  . . . very selective in choosing clients and will personally work with a maximum of eight clients at any one time. He currently has a waiting list of six months. . . He only gets paid after his clients get better! “Better” is not defined by Marshall or by his individual clients. “Better” means measurable positive change in pre-selected leadership behaviors as determined by pre-selected key stakeholders. Marshall’s clients are  usually CEOs and C-level officers (of Fortune 500 companies). . ."


    His recent book, a business bestseller, is What Got You Here Won’t Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful. The lead reviews on of it are noteworthy.   The favorable review gives an excellent summary of the book and the critical review, entitled "Doctor, cure thyself," makes some highly interesting points.

    He was selected to give the first presentation of the leading@Google series. In his hour-long talk, shown on YouTube, he gives insight into his coaching process, to exactly what he does with Fortune 500 CEOs. You will not regret having set aside the time to view it!

    Marshall Goldsmith is also the founder of the Alliance for Strategic Leadership, a global network of senior executive coaches and consultants. He has developed an empirically tested method of executive coaching, the Goldsmith Coaching Process™ (GCP™). Its focus is behavioral change. By identifying specific behaviors to improve and choosing concrete methods of change, the GCP™ supports positive and measurable behavior improvement. It consists of the following eight steps that are typically carried out over the course of a year:


            Step 1 – Establish Leader Buy-In

            Step 2 – Identify & Enroll Assessment Contributors

            Step 3 – Implement & Review Assessment

            Step 4 – Determine Key Behavior(s) & Stakeholders

            Step 5 – Collect Feedforward

            Step 6 – Develop Action Plan

            Step 7 – Facilitate Follow-up

            Step 8 – Review Results


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