The Lease or Buy Decision of the Ant Fable

    The Ant Fable has made its own Odysseus journey. Apparently it is originally from Brazil, from where it set sail to India. There it replicated itself. The progeny eventually journeyed to the U.S.  Either along the way, or upon arrival, one of them came under the influence of coaching. That Ant Fable matured, growing twice as large and much more powerful and cunning than its brethren.

    All of the Ant Fables came to find a wonderful home at the company Slideshare1 in San Francisco. In the second half of the power point presentation of the most powerful of these fables, The Ant Fable with Happy End, the Elephant asks the Lion to consider the Hawthorne Experiment and the leasing of the factory equipment to the workforce. The former is considered on the previous subpage and the later is considered here. 


The Lease or Buy Decision



1 The CEO of Slideshare, headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New Delhi, India, is Rashmi Sinha, who has a PhD in Psychology from Brown University. The company, which is advised by venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki of Garage Tech Ventures, is the world´s largest website for sharing presentations, one of the 250 most viewed websites in the world. It supports documents, pdfs, videos and webinars.



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