International Experience 

James Hamilton

EUROPE (twenty-five years residence at different intervals, representative examples)

Germany  Executive coaching, Munich (2009 - current); business reviews, Munich (´98 - ´current) and Düsseldorf (´97). Marketing courses and strategy seminars, Munich (´98-2004, ´91 -´92). Strategy formation and execution as CEO of a German firm (´91-´94). Previous experience ranges from complex negotiations to classified research funded by the German Defense Ministry at LIMAS, an R&D organization affiliated with the Rheinische Friedrich-Willhelms-Universität Bonn (´72).

Switzerland Financing projects in Zurich (´02, ´00, ´94). Negotiations to sell a chemical plant for $14 million (´82). Feasibility study on franchising a printing system (´75). Project on the expansion of a UK grocery chain into CH and the Benelux countries (´74). Branch consolidation analysis for a bank in Zurich (´74).

Spain Marketing strategy (e.g. website presence) for a credit card venture, Barcelona (2012). Market research for a wireless LAN hotel project, Barcelona (´01, ´02). Marketing for a dance academy, Barcelona (´02); Restructured financing to win a bid while protecting profits on a $7 million requirement (´81).

United Kingdom Negotiations re a master franchise license (´98); imported textiles from Peru (´72).

Malta Project on local assembly for the EC; on strategic alliances in continental Europe for a training company (´90).

Italy Project for an sbu of a multinational about the US sourcing of consumer packaged goods to be transshipped with production from its Italian factory for Northern African markets (´82).

Portugal Developed multicurrency hedging options to enable escudo bids (´81).


AFRICA (did business in over 20 countries in the 80´s; a dozen examples follow, clockwise on a map)

Northern – Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt: government sales, including negotiating a multinational’s first contract with the Egyptian Defense Ministry.

Southern – Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana: Established distributors and pursued JV and licensing opportunities.

Francophone – Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal: Developed a consumer product agency network to compete against traditional French sourcing.

Western – Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia: Reorganized an agency and distributor network with an associated advertising campaign.


MIDDLE EAST (three years in Teheran, Iran with travel throughout the region, mostly in the 70´s)

Israel Negotiated a sole supplier contract winning 80% of a market niche (´81).

Kuwait Market research for a multinational (´80); trips re construction (´76-´77).

Saudi Arabia Sub-contract negotiations re eight-figure development projects (´79).

Iran Country Manager with P&L responsibility, ran investment and development projects. Served on the commission that prepared the government’s White Paper on the Teheran Stock Exchange (´79). Independent consulting engagement on a reorganization and a lease/buy decision for office buildings for Krupp (Iran) AG (´77).


THE FAR EAST (primarily travel in the 70´s and 80´s, also in 2004, 2005)

Mandarin/Cantonese speaking – Hong Kong (three tourist trips): Mainland China re a tri-national plastics recycling project (´04-´05) (cf. a compelling event China)

Other languages – Thailand, import/export of silk and emeralds; Vietnam (long trip); Japan (short trip) and Okinawa (one month stay).


LATIN AMERICA (travel occurred mostly in the 70´s and 80´s)

Spanish speaking – Argentina, Columbia, Venezuela: key account CRM (´80-´82).
Portuguese speaking – Brazil: half a dozen market research trips (´81-´83).


NORTH AMERICA (my parents immigrated to New York with me as a seven year old; at different times four years of my education were in Europe, the rest in the U.S.)

Canada Tourist trip to Montreal during college.

Mexico Tourist trips to Acapulco and Mexico City during college.

United States Recent business trips include ones to San Francisco re office development (´07) and periodic trips to South Carolina, where BridgeS E C also has an office.